Harvest: vegetables and not only
Dmitry Blinov's flagship restaurant

Harvest is the first restaurant in St. Petersburg and Russia with a special attitude to vegetables.New project of Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov - «Duoband» - is the elaboration of the idea of respectful attitude to products. The concept "Every product deserves to be cooked”, declared firstly in Tartarbar, has grown into a sincere philosophy of responsible consumption, eco-friendly consciousness and natural taste in 3 last years.

Vegetables became the main idea of ​​the restaurant but did not make it vegetarian. The appetizers and hot dishes in the Harvest menu are divided into “Only Vegetables” and “Not Only Vegetables”. In the first part, new variations of cabbage, broccoli and tomatoes are represented: salad with red and green tomatoes, cauliflower pie with morel sauce, broccoli paté with pine nuts, garlic and parmesan, fried spitz-cabbage with truffle sour cream. In the second part – bright and sometimes unexpected combinations of tastes: scallops and foie gras, thymus gland and truffle, smoked salmon and stracciatella.

Working on the most natural taste of products, Dmitry Blinov does not disguise it, but is looking for the best way of food processing and preparation. Beets boil and dry-cure in powdered sugar to the consistency of dried fruit. Carrots bake, roast and glaze, emphasizing the taste of carrot juice and passion fruit sauce. Everything goes into cooking: broccoli stalks in paté, leaves and leek roots in sauce, cabbage remnants in bread. Behind each outwardly simple Blinov’s dish is a complex, carefully thought-out technology. Cooking vegetables is more difficult than fish or meat - for the chef it is also a professional challenge.

However, not only dishes play main role of the menu, but juices and original cocktails based on fresh vegetables and fruits. By developing Harvest concept, Dmitry Blinov offers his guests an experiment: to order juices as an accompaniment to dishes, building them into gastronomic pairing. Mixed apple-ginger-mango sounds amazing as a pairing to scallops with foie gras sauce and cauliflower cream, grapes-cucumber-lime - to flounder with Brussels sprouts, beet-black currant-tarragon - to duck with caramelized onion shallot and parmesan mousse. From light and fresh to rich and bright - the juice map is built according to the logic of the classic wine list and can easily compete with it.

The interior of Harvest picks up the basic idea: natural materials, maximum daytime color and minimum of details. Designer Alexey Penyuk created an image that is visually simple and understandable: large windows, spiraling staircase to the second floor, open kitchen made in light wood. The installation of Denis Patrakeev on the wall - a crevice created by the flow of water in the ground and cast filled with gyps, fulfills the atmosphere.

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